Fashion Obsession

Today I've decided to buy more clothes online.

It started in the morning,I checked my e-mail and found that the online shop I used to buy had sent me an e-mail about new arrival.

So,I went to check it and found this fur outer.

Isn't it cute?To me it's irresistible!! XD

I decided to buy it right away,I think it'll come around next Tuesday.

The next one was in the evening,Nana pm me about the lolita pre-order we talked about before.

She said she asked her brother and he sent a lot of pics for me to choose.

It's from the brand Bodyline,it's popular here in Thailand among cosplayers coz it's cheaper than any other lolita brand.

I took a lot of time in choosing coz I can only afford one XD

And I finally end up with this one.

It'll cost me for 2,600 Bt for this but I still have time until next January.

Next is my discovery on 夢展望(Yumetenbou) on Rakuten XD

I've heard a bit about this brand but I've just found out that it's soooo cute!!

In my opinion it's Liz Lisa+La Parfait but cheaper.

Especially the princess section.


Here are some examples from the shop's official site.

I really want to buy something from the shop but I'm afraid I'd have to sell my house for that XD

So,I'll just wait until I get a stable job first.

P.S.finally,I wrote something about fashion XD

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  1. adorable!

    please visit my new site!

  2. I just found your blog and thanks to you I found perfect jacket!
    I totally fell love with it so maybe I'll really order it because they ships to Finland also<3

    This one:http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct2.asp?id=5654&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_5&noSubType=N&new=#buy