Hey,how are you doing?
It's 21/12/12 here in Thailand now and I'm still alive!! XD
Nah...I don't actually believe in such a thing since the start anyway.
Just think it's time for me to update my blog already.

For the last pass week,I've been sick all the week.
But at least,I've recovered now,luckily my sickness wasn't a serious one.
By the way,I'm going to show you some of my recent makeup.
I did it just for fun and that I got some new stuff I wanna try on.
I used Liz Lisa bottom lash and red eye shadow.
I have to say that I just love this kind of bottom lash!!
It's looks somewhat natural but cute.
Here are the pics I took.
I use the same makeup just change the wig and clothes.
Which one do you like?
As for me,I prefer the blue one...it's like more fancy.

Guess that's all for today.
I'll try to find something interesting enough to update my blog next time.