My Melody x Ank Rouge folding mirror&makeup pouch+new items

Finally,I can get the pics out of my camera!!
Right now my pc is like umm...not in a good condition.
We've try to fix it with new mainboard but it just gave a result of being unable to read through my camera memory stick = =;
That's why I couldn't update my blog so much,it'd be boring without pictures!!

Anyway,I'm going to show you something I've bought.
It's My Melody x Ank rough pouch and folding mirror!
I found it at local Kinokuniya store,not sure how long it has been there tho.

They're so cute that I just had to take some pics with them XDD
I'm really happy about buying them coz Ank Rouge is one of my fav brand while Okarie is my fav Popteen model.
I wish I could purchase more of Ang Rouge items here with out having to order from Japan >_<

There're some more stuff I've bought also.
Let's start with clothes.

Some slimming products and a pair of shoes

And finally,some daily goods.

Seems like I'm surrounded by Japanese products XD
Anyway,see you next entry.