Life update+hair colors

Sorry for my absence,well...I have to admit that I'm not so motivated to update my blog these days.
Yeah,I was kidda depressed about my last blogpost.
I've heard from my friends that she hasn't removed my pic from her fb profile pic yet.
Anyway,if it's true then I appreciate anyone helping me report her to fb :)

Actually,I'm so  broke this month...I'm not sure if I'll have enough money to survive this coming week.
I think I might start making bento for lunch this week....
Maybe I spent too much money this month?
It might because I've ordered a lot of stuff from Taobao XD
But I went out with a friend on last Sunday,too.
Got some pic on stuff we ate also.
Omurice with pork cutlet.
Strawberry mousse cake.
We didn't event take purikura!! XD
But I wanna try this new booth at Ekkamai Gateway,maybe next month.
This is how I look on that day.

Talking about looks...
I always prefer bright hair color than dark.
But recently I think I look better on dark hair.
I'm going to show you some pics I took today and see if anybody agree with me.

I really like my make up today also.
maybe coz the new eyelashes make my eyes look bigger XD

That's it for today,thanks for reading.