New dip-dyed wig+eyelashes

Hi,everyone,how have you been doing?
As for me,some tragedy has just happened to me.
I've lost my eyelash box!! ;w;
I kept most of my eyelashes there and now they're all gone ;[];
Luckily,I have some spare pairs of Eyemazing and some bottom lashes.
So,I decided to go shopping for some replacement.

I planned to go to Ekkamai Gateway last Sunday,
but I got an emergency call from my office as soon as I got dressed up.
I was backuping my colleague who went to Singapore on that morning.
And shit happens......I had to call the Korean oversea coordinator right away.
She was so nice and got online almost as soon as I asked her to.
We decided to fix the problem on Monday since there was no one at her office to fix the problem =w=;
It's not a big deal but...I had to call to Korea with my own money since I left the phone code in my office.
And there's no way I'm going to the office once I get dressed for shopping!!
I've just bought a new dip-dyed wig and decided to wear it on that day also.
My makeup and new wig :D

After we settled the deal,I went to Gateway with my brother.
I took him to Purikura booth as soon as we arrived there XD
With my brother.
Some more pics.
We took this Purikura at 7iro booth,it's really pretty!!
I love the lighting so much even it's quite a bit hard to decorate.

We went to browse some IT stuff since I'm thinking of buying Ipod Touch and new laptop.
I had to ask my brother for his opinion on that XD
And then I went to buy some fake lashes from Daizo which I'll show you the pic later.
I bought a cup of Honey Strawberry Smoothy,it's quite nice too a lil bit too sweet for me.
I think I look scary here = =
I really love the wig's colors XD

After a while,our parents came to meet up with us and we took some pics.
With mom.
Dad took this pic for us.
All of us :D
We went to had Shabu for our dinner and then went back home.

Now,the haul section.
Not much this time.
Just some lashes and a eyelash case which is just too cute I had to buy.

That's all for today,see you next entry.