[Review]My Beauty Diary Box Set+Other Hauls

Finally got a chance to update about all those stuffs I've bought recently.
Let's get started right away XD

First set:
Sexy Girl Fragrance Body Cream:Happy Peach
Apple Sherbet Lip Balm
Sponge Hair Curler x6

Second Set
Wakilala Clear Wash Scrub
Wakilala Bright Up Essence
Skinfood Lime Secret Shine Base
Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip
NYX Luscious Lip Palette

And the stuff I'm going to review on
My Beauty Diary Box Set
It contains of  7 masks.
Hyaluronic Acid Mask
Bulgarian White Rose Mask
Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask
Apple Polyphenol Mask
Black Pearl Mask
Arbutin Whitening Mask
Red Wine Mask 
Apple Polyphenol Mask is the first one I tried.
I like the smell tho,it's so apple but after a while it smell like beer XD
Also the Red Wine Mask really smell like real wine.

The mask was very thin and comes with a plastic wrap.
I find it difficult to adjust the mask to my face coz it could easily tear off.
But the effect was very nice.
Talking about the effect,I'd recommend Black Pearl Mask tho.
You can feel that your skin is much more soft after using.
But I'd recommend you buy this box set first if you haven't tried MBD mask product yet.
You can test various masks and find out which one suits you the best
Overall ☆★★★★

And also,I've finally bought a kitty gloves to match with my kitty hairband and tail XD
See you next entry :D