I guess it's been a year or so...

Uh...did I say "I'm back!!" last time I was here?

Well,never mind,I have no idea if ppl still read this thing anyway.

There're tons of updates but not many that is important.I feel like I've changed a lot over years XD

1.I'm not quite into gyaru that much anymore...but still don't have money.

Then where did all my money goes to?

2D boys!! XD

I've been playing a lot of otome games lately and even own PSVita which is the first game console I bought with my own money ;w; We've just bought 3DS too but that one I have to share with my brother.

Nowadays,I play games あんさんぶるスターズ、夢色キャスト、夢王国と眠れる100の王子様...I wish I could be more active on ボーイフレンド( 仮)andアイ★チュウ,too...but my ipod doesn't really support the latter one :(

2.I'm going to Japan again this Christmas and will stay there until 3rd Jan!!

Of course,this time there will not be just gyaru brand lucky bags but all those anime stuff they sell on Animate!!And lots,lots of temple,castle-sight-seeing.I'm always into this kidda thing anyway.

3.I'm now working for a Japanese firm located in the area I live and I'm kidda happy with my life :)

I do want to polish my Japanese skill tho,what I'm doing now does help a lot but I'm still looking for better opportunity if that thing ever come to me XD

Also,I think I'll change the layout soon since I don't feel comfortable having my face hanging up there anymore >_<

Well,maybe that's all for today.I'm looking forward to update the blog again,at least,when I'm back from Japan XDD